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Your Source for Roadside Assitance in Chicago, IL   

When something as small as a screw or nail can derail your entire day, it’s important to know that there’s help available when you need it. At All City Towing, we offer comprehensive roadside assistance in Chicago, IL, so that you never have to worry about your vehicle being stuck by the curb. 

Our focus is delivering the help you need, when you need it, to where you are at the time. With one call, you’ll have a professional on the way to set you back on your usual schedule. That means less danger, less stress, and no need to disrupt a friend or family member’s day to find assistance. 

Roadside Assistance in Chicago, IL

Jumpstarting Your Day  

Sometimes, the fix for a roadside problem is simple. You just need a little boost from our vehicle jumpstart services to revive a dead battery and get on your way. Other times, you need more complex solutions. We can help with those, too. 

As a full-service company, we offer both repair and towing services as part of our roadside program. Whether you need to get your vehicle back in working order or to a repair shop, you can trust our team to get the job done. With a commitment to protecting your property and making our assistance as stress-free as possible, we are the name to know when you’re stranded because of car trouble.

Simple Car Lockout Solutions 

Nothing has to break to leave you in a jam out on the road. Leaving the keys behind when you stop into a store or pull over to snap a selfie with a famous Chicago landmark causes the same problem as a breakdown--and has the same solution. Our car lockout service can get you back in the driver’s seat with minimal delay. 

Trusting a professional with this job is always better than trying to figure it out on your own, or even with a helping hand from someone nearby. Improper leverage or unlocking techniques can damage various parts of the vehicle, from scratching paint to jamming locks. That’s why you should leave the unlocking to our experts. 

Car Lockout Solutions in Chicago, IL

Taking Care of Tire Changes 

Have a flat, but no time to wait for a repair shop? No problem! We can quickly and safely change your tire right where you pulled over. Whether you need to get to work on time or have someone else waiting on you for a ride, we’ll make sure a damaged tire doesn’t put a bigger dent than necessary in your day.

Contact us when you need roadside help without delay. We proudly serve Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.